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Some of us may remember the show that began “Earth, the Final Frontier…these are the voyages…” , this was admittedly, the one show that could grab the imagination of millions world wide.  This was a show that stirred not only the imaginations of dreamers alike, but so embraced a belief that tomorrow could be the day when the hover car would be owned by all.  Gene Roddenberry certainly captured the heart and soul of people all over…and many years later I married one of those.  As mentioned in  previous posts we are  now divorced, but every once in a while he loves to remind me of the similarities between then and now…and I chuckle as I begrudgingly admit it is possible.  He never fails to remind me of the introduction of the automatic door on the Spaceship…each and every time we walk through a Walmart…Nor the funny similarity in the flip phone with a communicator…the” trouble with Trebles “was alluded to when I allowed one of our daughters to obtain a massive guinea pig…for weeks while it resided in our home, he would pass and smile and tell them about one episode or another.  His laughter rings out when one of the kids yells innocently enough “I am not a …” as he recalls an episode with Scotty or the good Dr.  He is that man who can recall every episode of Start Trek, or M*A*S*H…he can compare events to episodes…and the children all humor him.

Soon, we will come together to celebrate the Graduation from Elementary school of our final child…and as we talk and hash over timetables, and when he must be here vs. there…I cannot help but laugh at his ability to bring into the light, some minor trinket of useless knowledge…He is the keeper of all facts and follies from episodes gone by.  I am the keeper of events and tribulations of children growing.  I remember the first word, the first step, the first braiding of the hair…he remembers the first time they took a  hammer and pretended to be Bob the Builder, or when we (aka HE) renovated his office and four young women out of five paraded downstairs to assist him in his demolition.  Enraptured with his stories of this episode of M*A*S*H, this Hockey game of A v. B, mixed among commands of “Don’t pull that there,… Don’t hit your sister with that…”  the memories are plentiful.  The laughter was then as it remains today contagious.  He is our Guardian of useless facts…to this day is something comes up they go to him and say  “Hey Dad…is there?…” and off he goes on yet another educational rant of yesteryear.

Graduation in a very few short weeks shall bring with it, yet another child with a mind encased with trivia and trivial…female this time…but a brain stacked with quirks and queries of various topics.  She is the keeper of all that is new, but she can hold her own in the arena that at one time belonged solely to her father…together they may be an unexplained phenomena…lol….for this I apologize now.  There is nothing she finds trivial in investigating or no topic she believes unacceptable in pursuing…if it is out there, she can and will spend ornate amounts of time expanding her own wealth of knowledge if only for her own satisfaction.  She is the new version of Quirks and Quarks her father was before her…lol.  Sh is the one that while very different from all the rest, and different is a good thing…she is the one who is not afraid to embrace the unexplained and say “Come on Mom…it’s just a ….eyeliner, marker, book, spider, bat….”, over the years she has encountered so many things that her sisters would balk at but she “bravely went where no man had gone before her”…at least in this house!

Today Dad is able to say “Hey Kiki…is there?…” and if she doesn’t know she will embrace the challenge and look forward.  Countless hours spent on Google, Wikipedia, books, YouTube (Yes I do Thank the electronic Gods that this form of entertainment was unavailable for the Ex)…she boldly accepts the challenge to obtain an answer.  Sometimes she can get lost in her task…and like years before when she donned the hard hat and entered into the Dark and dank domain known as Dads Office…she tackles it with a humor and smile that infects us all.  We are pleased to see her learn, have been honored to watch her Grow, and have loved without boundaries, as we have her sisters before her we watch her take those last steps towards high school where I will once again have to take a deep breath, and listen to her say “Mom it’s just a….” (I will stand firm in my resolve to lip piercing and eyebrows kid, so back off now!).  Like the bats she spent so much time trying to alleviate my fears on when she was four (yes 4…you read right…and I still don’t trust anything that can squeeze into a room through an opening of less than 1 cm in diameter!), I have no doubt that the next four years will be yet another adventure into ‘the final frontier”.

Not once in this carnival ride called parenting have we stopped to think that maybe one day one of our children will not succeed in what they want, because despite various learning skills, variables in attitude, dreams and illusions…we believed that combined knowledge was going to be the key to allowing them to embrace this new world.  He with his quirks, I with my Quarks…we come together knowing at the end of the day…that this little person like the four before her will embrace this new challenge with laughter, tenacity, imagination and a desire to seek the unspeakable ..their World is the final frontier, this is their battlefield where they will take on the challenges. It is our job to listen and embrace what they can teach us…and over the past 26 years we have been taught a lot…hopefully for the next 26 or more years (if the ex gets his way those cryogenic chambers will become a thing of everyday…and he can replace a bad knee or more) we will continue to share in the laughter and the joy that each tomorrow brings them.  Maybe one day not to far in the future they will say…”we’ll drive, and pull up in their hover car, allowing their dad one more opportunity to say…”SEE!!!”  and I shall chuckle as I do know and say “Yeah…Earth the Final Frontier…THESE ARE THE VOYAGES…”

Till then, I plan on watching them take the ride with joy in my heart, laughter in my soul and a smile that they are not afraid to take on the challenges that lie before them.

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