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I have come to that point where I am sitting here, coffee ready, screen clear…thoughts running through my mind, and I look to my left and Go WOW…there staring me boldly in the face is the reality that July 2013 is almost over.  Just a few short hours, and we will enter into the last month of summer vacation.  The last four weeks of children proclaiming boredom, schedules filling up with those last day trips to the beach, school shopping…countless reminders of “Mom, I need….”

Once again this year is flying by, progress has been made in so many areas, some mountains still have to be conquered, yet I prefer to see them as little bumps in the road. Realistically they are easier to tackle in that regard.  I get winded thinking of mountains :).  While I wholeheartedly agree that the best view is at the peak of the mountain, my mind immediately wraps itself around the idea that air pressure is decreased, peaks are sharp and anyone who knows me outside of this blog can tell you…I would be the woman who cuts herself, slips and falls or gets a bruise in the most unimaginable spot…such is life!  I will embrace the bump, and move forward to the next one.

July is almost over… I will smile as the presence of double rainbows, mist in my face in the early morning, the sounds of children laughing, the never ending battle of the bands between bedrooms as two musical teenagers increase the volume to win the ultimate prize of me shouting to be heard over the cacophony of beats and bass  “ENOUGH LADIES!”.  I seriously cannot be the only parent who has to listen to Battle of the Beats between the Black Veiled Brides and Bieber right?…Please tell me I’m not alone!

I will laugh at the never ending array of fliers, websites and conversations of  “Oh mom, I saw the cutest shoes today on this girl…”  My reply is always “Did you ask her where she got them?”…their answer is always “No.”…and the search will begin.

BOO turns five years old in two short weeks, and we will gather to celebrate this most “awesome birthday “…I have her order on the calendar for Cupcakes and cake pops, and she has already advised me of what she wants me to buy her for her gift.  She is in for a bigger surprise this year, thanks to a High school friend (I’ll share later I promise!).  i know it was jsut yesterday she was walked into the frist day of school…yet that passed so quickly.

Kiki is off to Grade Nine soon, Shauna is off to Grade 10. I am off on this adventure called parenting…day in and day out…never boring!


July is almost over … what bend in the road are we taking today?