Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 |

7 days

168 Hours

10 080 Minutes

In all this time, we will travel… shop… bake… embrace…laugh… share…give… receive…embrace again and create memories that will take us into the next phase of celebration…the New Year.

Over the next 7 days, we will worry about the little things, remind ourselves of the big things and makes lists and schedules to accommodate all that enters into our mind.  & days of saying hello to strangers, offering a greeting (and I am old fashioned and still wish everyone Merry Christmas, my bad). We will wrap, tape, ribbon and rip.  We will over indulge and laugh at jokes that normally aren’t funny but we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…and at night we will go to bed exhausted from today, thinking about tomorrow.

Over the next 7 days…I will make a schedule to adhere to in regards to this blog…because LOL…I have been slacking, and some days this is my sanity.

So I would like to take a moment to wish you the best of the Holidays, be your belief be religion based or marketing solidified.  I wish you Joy, Prosperity and a warm embrace from a complete stranger who will make this holiday memorable.


Merry Christmas…Seasons Greetings…Feliz Navida….Happy Hannaukah …any way you say it it remains one simple fact…I wish you all the best.