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16 years…


16 years ago we awaited your arrival with anticipation and wonder.

We celebrated the little bundle that offered us a new opportunity to laugh, share, grow and ponder the future.

With  Pride and Joy, we watched as you embraced life with the devil may care attitude, unafraid amd confident in the beliefs you hold dear. A social butterfly with an empathy that draws everyone in;  an infectious laughter and song for Life that only you can offer. A voice to be heard…power to be reckoned with.

Today with Pride we celebrate your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses amd watch you grow into a woman with Dreams, strong beliefs, and a compassion for friends and family alike. Unlimited by your fears you embrace the world, failures and all…holding steadfast to the strength and power that is yours alone.

You are our Ironman…our Joker…our youngest but bravest.

Happy birthday Kat. May you always find the courage and conviction to remain true to your beliefs like you do today. May Prosperity surround you in all facets of the Diamond you are.

You are Loved.

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