My name is ….well I answer to a lot of names in all reality :) .

I am Shellie, a Sister, a Daughter,  an ExWife, Mom, Mamo, I’ve even been the Pizza Lady when I used to be involved with a franchise.   I am new to this, blogging…but I have read many.  I have people ask me all the time “How do you?…”   I wish you could teach me…” so I thought ‘Why not!?!?!’

It’s my turn to venture into the foray of social media, as the world wide web has opened up so many possibilities, and that is one thing I believe in  whole heartedly…life is FULL of possibilities, never be afraI’d to watch along the edge.  I hope to share some of those possibilities with you.  I hope you wish to share what you have learned, or feel free to ask questions if I’ve been vague.  We are all here to share, care and educate one another.  I will share with their permission, things I have learned, lessons taught and I will allow you to embrace with me the fun of going off the beaten path for the absolute divine recipe for buttercream icing!

These days I am taking care of my newest grandchild…she was welcomed into the family in July 2015 and as she was born withgastroschesis life is a whirlwind of medical adventures which I will with permission share here In the coming days.


NeonMamo comes from two facts in my life…One I cannot find the neon sign on my door that reads ‘Drop your kids here”…and my Granddaughters calls me Mamo, which is Gaelic for Grandma…life these days centres on being a Mamo and Mom.